Peculiar Meat - A Full Service Facility

Peculiar Meat ia a full service meat shop and deli offering a wide variety of meats and services just not found anywhere else. Over the past several years, it has secured its place as Kansas City's Premier provider of quality meats, on-site farm slaughter/processing, and catering services. With reasonable prices and a friendly staff, the service and selection available are second to none. To your guests, quality meat can mean the difference between an average meal, and an extrordinary one! So come in and taste the difference for yourself!


What do we mean when we say "wide variety"? Try this for starters...

Sides of BeefWhole ChickenSide of PorkSalmon
1/2 Side of BeefHalf ChickenPork TenderloinOrange Ruffy
Strip LoinsChicken BreastsPork ChopShrimp
Filet MinionWhole TurkeyIowa ChopsPrawns
SirloinThighsCountry RibsScallops
Rib EyesDrumsticksSpare RibsKing Crab Legs
KC StripChicken WingsSmoked Pork LoinSnow Crab Legs
PorterhouseChicken GrillersPork RoastsLobster
Round SteakBuffalo WingsPork FiletsAlligator Tail
HamburgerChicken TendersPork GrillersTaliapia
London BroilStuffed Chicken BreastsHickory BaconTwice Baked Potatoes
Tenderloin Italian SausageStuffed Mushrooms
Prime Rib Breakfast SausageStuffed Peppers
Liver BratsShrimp Skewers
Roasts Stuffed Pork ChopsBuffalo Meat
Kabobs Smoked HamsLamb

And it doesn't stop there! Come check out our selection.


You might beat our prices but you can't beat our meat!

816-779-MEAT (6328)

Store Hours:

     10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Tues - Sat

     10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Sun

     Closed on Mondays

100 W 2nd St, Peculiar, MO 64078